Oct 26, 2014

FO | Twegen Afghan (Coffee)

While we’ve been talking about other knitterly things, the coffee-colored Twegen has been steadily brewing in the background and I’m pleased to report it’s done. In fact, it’s been finished and waiting patiently in the wings for more than two weeks. 

You're familiar with the essentials: It’s fast, easy and reversible, relies on strip construction and was made entirely from stash. The photo shows it unblocked, with the ribbed side above the fold line and fluted side below it.

The Berry and Harvest versions feature nine colors each, but this one only uses five. Left to right, each strip incorporates two neutrals: black with gray, gray with brown, brown with taupe, and taupe with cream to create a modified gradient in rich coffee shades ranging from espresso to creamy latte.

Several factors keep drawing me back to this pattern. In addition to being reversible, the stitch is attractive in one color or two. Closely related colors create an appealing tone-on-tone effect, while contrasting ones highlight the stitch pattern. These qualities make it easy to blend two colors from different dye lots, turn uglies into snugglies, or transform lonely singletons from stash into a cohesive whole.

The strip strategy makes it portable right up to the point of assembly, and because it's easy to adjust the width and length, it helps me make the most of yarn on hand. I used Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% wool) to produce a year-round fabric, but with winter rapidly approaching superwash wool or a wool blend would be lush and cozy.

Since I'm a rather slow knitter, it takes me three to six weeks on average to knit this particular pattern. This version took nine from start to finish, but that includes four weeks where it was set aside so I could tackle other WIPs.

Yarn: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep)
Weight: Worsted
Yardage: 900 yards +/-
Needles: US 9 (5.5 mm)
Size: Small (approx. 28 x 36 ins)
Ravelry Notes:  Here 
WIP Posts: Here and here

There are other projects in the pipeline clamoring for attention, but my passion for afghans is unabated. This one was pressed into service long before the last end was woven because the weather turned cool. Don't tell the others, but at the moment, this version is my new favorite, so it's become a ritual to greet the day with a cup of coffee in hand and my coffee-colored afghan warming my legs. 

On a crisp autumn morning, what could be better than that?

The pattern for Twegen has been released: To view the description and purchase the pattern, click here. To read more about it, go to Pattern | Twegen Reversible Afghan.


  1. another lovely x

  2. Every stitch you make looks beautiful! :)

  3. Really love the texture! I will have to check this pattern out!

  4. I am in love with the colors in each afghan, and the pattern itself looks wonderful as well!

  5. Oh my - I love this pattern; and especially the colors you chose. I'm partial to neutral-colored afghans as they can easily be given as gifts.

  6. I love how this blanket has turned out!


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