Feb 5, 2017

Mitt-Worthy Shawls & Wraps

Life has a way of being complicated enough, so when I have a choice, I strive to keep things as simple as possible. Sometimes this succeeds and sometimes it doesn't.

One area where simplicity works (fairly) well is my wardrobe. Many years ago, I committed to basic black and adopted what are for all practical purposes uniforms for both casual and business attire. Against this black backdrop, scarves, shawls and wraps are not only exceptionally easy to wear, they contribute a much-needed spark of color, warmth or both.

Because these accessories see so much action, I've been attempting to find ways to make the most of the pieces I have. For me, fingerless mitts are the key. Time and again, I reach first for the scarves and shawls that have complementary mitts, for a look that's less random and more pulled together. So, slowly but surely, I've been making mitts to coordinate with my favorite neckwear and wraps.

With this context in mind, let's cut to the chase and see where things stand. (Just click the links to see the FO post.)

Mixed Media: Alaris wrap and Wyndfael mitts
Obviously, the mitts don't match the shawl, but I think the solid colors are a nice complement to the busier variegated yarns. (I'm wearing this set right now.)

BlackberryDojeling shawl and Kintra mitts
What can I say? With touches of merino, cashmere and silk, this combo is deliciously light and luxe. As a bonus, the mitts coordinate with the Wineberry shawlette, too.

Wineberry: Dojeling shawlette and Kintra mitts
When I'm heading out the door and want to wrap something soft around my neck, this shawlette is the piece I grab, and the complementary mitts create a more pulled together look. If I plan to wear gloves, I simply pop my thumbs out of the mitts, slip them down, and wear them as cozy cuffs or wristers. The plus-factor here is these mitts also coordinate with the Blackberry shawl, Plumberry scarf and grey shawl.


Oyster Bay: Dojeling shawl and Kintra mitts
The shawl used every last inch of the lovely wool-silk Tern (Quince & Co.), To create coordinating mitts, I swatched many different yarns and colors before I landed on a combination that worked.

Grey Streak: Shawl (personal pattern) and Kintra mitts
This cozy wool shawl and its complementary mitts are active WIPs. Knitting time has been so limited, they're progressing in slow motion, but hopefully they'll be off the needles and ready to wear this week. (UPDATE: They're done!) As an added plus, the Nearly Neutral Kintra mitts also work well with the shawl.

Plumberry: Scarf (personal pattern) and Colsie Mitts
I made a luscious cashmere-silk fingering weight scarf several years ago and wear it often, but somehow I neglected to do an FO post. As soon as the grey set is finished, I plan to cast on Plumberry mitts, which will also work with my Dojeling Wineberry scarf and Blackberry shawl. (UPDATE: The mitts are done!)

As you can see, these mitts are all about color, so they're not matchy-matchy and don't use the same stitch patterns as the scarves or shawls. And because not all wraps and scarves are mitt-worthy, I've focused on those I wear most often.

So far, this approach seems to be working ... perhaps a bit too well.

With two afghans, a shawl and a pair of mitts on the needles, I have more than enough active WIPs. Nonetheless, I couldn't resist the temptation to at least think about other options, so I found myself rummaging through the stash in search of yarn that might lend itself to a medium weight shawl-wrap-mitt combo for spring.

Right now, I'm leaning toward these yarns, which seems to offer some possibilities. What do you think?

If you're looking for the Dojeling Shawl pattern, you can find it here.
If you're looking for mitt patterns, you can find Kintra here and Wyndfael here.

Meanwhile, I'm connecting with the linkups in the sidebar.


  1. Great strategy and especially like the fact the mitts coordinate with rather than match the shawl or wrap. Am off to see if my stash might yield some similar possibilities :)

  2. Very organized of you. I like the idea of fingerless mitts co-ordinating with neckware and not just being knitted with the same yarn. #KCCO

  3. Just fabulous! All of the sets!!

  4. Oh that could make a beautiful hap shawl - it would look like the ripples across the surface of the sea!

  5. The colours of the Plumberry scarf are gorgeous.

  6. What great coordinating accessories and all of them giving hours of fun knitting time.


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