May 17, 2017

How to Create a 6-Stage Gradient

It's time to tackle the joys of six-color gradients, next in our ongoing series on ombres and gradients.

There are, of course, countless ways to create such a gradient, but this one happens to require only three colors, so it's easy and highly adaptable. Let's look at the particulars.

6. Six-stage gradientColsie Mitts Plumberry

Yarn. Richesse et Soie (Knit1 Crochet 2)

Stitch. The fast, easy slipped rib stitch is stretchy, reversible and does a respectable job blending colors.

Strategy.  Solid colors are separated by transitional sections consisting of two-row stripes. To achieve a
 similar look:
  • Choose three colors and arrange them dark to light.
  • Work section 1 with CC1.
  • Work section 2 with CC1 and CC2.
  • Work section 3 with CC2 only.
  • Work section 4 with CC2 and CC3.
  • Work section 5 with CC3 only.
  • Work section 6 with CC3 and CC1.

In this instance, the colors were worked as follows:
  • Section 1: Jet
  • Section 2: Jet and Plum
  • Section 3: Plum
  • Section 4: Plum and Cranberry
  • Section 5: Cranberry
  • Section 6: Cranberry and Jet

I paired rich gemtones with black, but you could use any color combination that appeals to you. Try red, yellow and blue to create a fun rainbow effect, or select three colors in the same color family for a graduated ombre. As an added plus, you could quickly turn this into a seven-stage gradient by working a final section in whatever color you designate as CC1.

While I continue to work up samples for upcoming posts, why don't you spend some quality time at your LYS or with your stash. Choose three colors you love and make something fabulous featuring your own custom six-stage gradient

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