May 21, 2017

Risky Business

Because I'm still enamored with the vivid colors and clean lines of Valere, my not-so-scrappy rainbow afghan, I decided to cast on another.

As luck would have it (ahem), there are enough Cotton Fleece partials and leftovers to make a second one, featuring a slightly different mix of rainbow banners set against a creamy background. The first strip is finished and the second is underway. (Update: You can see the FO, go here.)

So far, so good, right? 

Sure, except another colorful design has been loudly clamoring to get out of my head and onto the needles. From experience, we all know working multiple large projects at the same time can be a risky business, especially if like me you're a slow knitter with limited knitting time.

Of course the mature, disciplined approach would be to ban new cast ons, focus on what's already on the needles and finish ... which is precisely what I kept muttering under my breath as I started this new number:

It doesn't look like much yet, but there are a few interesting developments on the horizon, so I'm eager to see how this concept shapes up

What distractions are finding their way onto your needles?

For those of you who've inquired, the pattern for the not-so-scrappy rainbow afghan is coming soon!


  1. I constantly hear the siren call of "knit me, knit me" when I pick up my needles - so hard to resist! Lovely blanket!

    1. Isn't it amazing how loud and demanding projects can become, like puppies competing for attention! Glad you like the blanket, it was a fun knit.

  2. I'm in full "cast on all the things" mode, so there are plenty of distractions already on the needles ... and it's likely more will join the crowd :)

  3. I am trying to find my knitting mojo ... suggestions?

    1. Don't you hate when that happens?! Something small (washcloth, mitts, ornament, etc.) that offers a quick FO often helps me get back in the groove.

    2. think I hear washcloth calling me ... hope it starts shouting loudly :)

    3. Sounds like a great plan! It's a holiday weekend, so maybe something red, white and blue? Whatever you choose, have fun and let us know how it turns out :)


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