May 7, 2017

FO | Healdan Plumberry Scarf & Mitts

Recently, I wrote about how odd it may seem to still be wallowing in wool now that spring has arrived, but what can I say? It's both practical and pleasurable.

This past week is a good example. It's been decidedly chilly with temps falling into the 30s and high winds to make it feel even colder, so wearing wool has been the smart thing to do. 

Healdan Plumberry, for instance, is still seeing action. Somehow it made it into How to Create a 3-Stage Gradient but never had its own FO post, so let's give it a moment in the spotlight:
Made with yarn so light and luscious, it's a true joy to work with and wear. Technically, I suppose it's not classified as wool since it's a blend of cashmere and silk, but let's not nitpick. Between the cool, rainy weather and the fact that several large projects are now off the needles, I was in desperate need of a small project and the reward of a quick FO. Fingerless mitts were the obvious solution. 

Both the scarf and mitts are fully reversible, but because they feature different gradient and slip stitch combos, they aren't an exact match. This was a conscious choice, and overall I think the look works. Plus, as simple as they are, the mitts represent that elusive achievement, the knitting trifecta. They:
  • Complement my beloved Plumberry scarf and turn a lone accessory into a coordinated set.
  • Illustrate a six-stage gradient.
  • Use shrine of precious yarn, which I've vowed to knit with this year. (I buy it because it's scrumptious, then it lingers in stash because no project seems worthy of its wonderfulness.) 

Plumberry Gradient Mitts & Scarf
Pattern: Healdan Scarf

Yarn: Richesse et Soie (Knit1 Crochet 2)
Weight: Sock/fingering
Needles: mitts US 7 (4.5 mm); scarf US 8 (5 mm)
Mitts: ~95 yards

Scarf: ~300 yards

Meanwhile, there are several patterns in development, two new afghans in the works and countless concept swatches on the needles, so it should be time to focus and finish, right?

That would be the mature, disciplined thing to do. Instead, shawls and mitts are getting such a workout, my rebellious inner knitter keeps whispering we need another shawl ... and a pair of mitts to go with it!

These whispers hint at another risky bout of startitis, but my inner knitter keeps reminding me shawls and mitts are the ideal way to turn shrine of precious yarn into something pretty and practical. That's her story, and apparently she plans to stick to it. 

What's your inner knitter whispering in your ear?


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  1. Kudos on the knitting trifecta! Like you, my inner knitter keeps whispering "cast on something new," so I have way too many things OTN right now ;)

    1. Sounds like your inner knitter is a troublemaker, like mine!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! As you can see, I'm a big fan of purple and red combos.

  3. I really love your "Knitting Trifecta!" I have the same problem, the pile of precious yarn that's too wonderful to actually knit with. I need to find something awesome to make with it. :)

    My inner knitter is cooperating right now with my attempts to get things -off- the needles. Apparently having a bin of WIPs is enough to combat the startitis, for the most part. :)

    1. You're right, there's no time like the present to find something awesome to make with your shrine of precious yarn. Meanwhile, kudos on the progress you're making with your WIPs!


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