May 10, 2017

In the Pink

At one time, I had a fair amount of pink yarn safely ensconced in stash. Some still remains, but as I was casting on a quick pair of mitts destined for the ombres and gradient series, I realized how limited my current options had become.

Naturally, I began to wonder what had happened to all those pink, rose and fuchsia skeins, and this is what I discovered.


Colsie Mitts Rose Gradient, which feature shades ranging from red to medium pink.

Dojeling Blackberry, which looks red in some lights and decidedly pink in others.


Breidan Baby, which features a strip worked in a muted antique rose.

Breidan Berry, which incorporates a range of medium and bright pinks coupled with berry and plum.

Color Check, which incorporates pinks ranging from pastel to fuchsia.

Drumlin Bright, which includes a strip worked in two shades of pink.

Lucben Rose, which illustrates a gradient moving from pale pink to deep wine.

Tikkyn Rainbow, which has five rosy blocks marching on a diagonal across the front.

Rainbow Vivid, which has flashes of bright fuchsia and magenta.


Graefen Bright, which incorporates an intense pink for contrast.

Sweet Hearts & Soft Spots, which has been worked in wide range of pinks from pale to saturated.

That's a fairly respectable lineup, and there are even more examples for which I don't have photos. They range from countless charity hats, scarves and blanket squares to coasters, cloths and a lovely rose gradient sweater for my dog, Stella, which I managed to shrink in the wash, so it's long gone.

I've had pink on the brain for one simple reason. Every spring, these wool-silk lace weight and rayon metallic yarns surface on my radar screen, but I have yet to find a suitable project.

Undaunted, I've come up with yet another plan, and if it works, I'll once again be in the pink.

What colors are captivating your attention right now? 

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  1. Lovely assortment! For some reason, I'm obsessed with rainbow color schemes right now :)

    1. Thanks, Anne. Regarding rainbow schemes, I can totally relate, they're among my favorites, too.


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