May 4, 2017


In theory this site is searchable, but in reality, sometimes the search function works well and sometimes it doesn't. The Google overlords routinely change search algorithms, which often has a direct, surprising effect on the results even the simplest search will produce.

(They also routinely alter formatting algorithms, so blog posts have an annoying interesting tendency to reformat themselves and suddenly appear different from one day to the next. But that's a topic for another day.)

Back to searchability. There are more than 400 blog posts on the Knitting | Work in Progress (KWIP) site, so if you're looking for something specific, here are some tips. 

If you want to:
  • Buy patterns, click on the Patterns tab (above).
  • Read about patterns, go to the Browse category in the sidebar, scroll down the list and click on Patterns.
  • Find a post about a particular topic, go to the Browse category in the sidebar, scroll through the list and click the appropriate tag, such as Ombres & Gradients.
  • Find an earlier blog post, use the Search box and enter a keyword, such as afghan, mitts, rainbow, etc.
  • Locate something specific, enter it in the Search box with quote marks, such as "Tikkyn afghan" or "Christmas trees" or "Might Could List."
  • Read a post from a particular timeframe, go to the Archive list in the sidebar, select the correct option and it will display everything posted that month, e.g., March 2017.
I'm evaluating the pros and cons of moving the blog to a different platform that offers more layout options, better search functionality and greater flexibility. Until that happens, I'm soldiering on here and hope the suggestions above will help make it easier for you to more quickly find what interests you.

If you have feedback or a specific search-related question, just let me know, and I'll do my best to address it.

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  1. Yep. Google's search algorithms are . . . interesting beasts sometimes. I get why they keep changing the algorithms, so that no one can figure them out and then 'game the system'. But sometimes the results do just start getting weird.

    I'm curious (and sad) that you are experiencing formatting problems with your blog, though. I also use Blogger; and yeah, it's been a bit cranky recently, though mine's been more of the 'this page just won't load for you to edit' type trouble, rather then random post reformats. That does not sound like fun. :(

    If it helps at all, I haven't noticed any major formatting changes on your blog recently. :)

    Finally, I just had to follow your Alien Parasite Antibodies Link. Bwahaha! I loved it!

    1. It helps to know you, too, have experienced some of Blogger's periodic quirks and the occasional reformatting issues aren't glaring.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed Alien Parasite Antibodies, it's an oldy but goody :)


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