May 28, 2017

WIP | Still Making Rainbows

The simplicity of the Valere afghan design makes it a fast, fun knit, precisely what I need right now to offset the demands of life and work. It's Memorial Day weekend in the US, so I was sorely tempted to set it aside and whip up something quick for the holiday, but I resisted the urge and focused on making rainbows. 

The last time we looked at this project, the first strip was finished:

Since then, the second one has been completed:

And the third one has been, too:

Like the first Valere, this one features Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep). To keep things fresh and interesting, I opted for a slightly different rainbow scheme with several muted shades and fewer brights. The off-white background prevents the muted shades from turning muddy and keeps the saturated shades pure and clear. The colors are:

  • Strip 1: Lapis, Hawaiian Sky, Provincial Rose
  • Strip 2: Sugar Plum, Light Jade, Tropical Coral
  • Strip 3: Cherry Moon, Mint, Buttercream
Now that the strips are completed, seaming can commence, and with a little time and luck, the body may be fully assembled before the weekend is over. Then, I can begin tackling the simple border and final finishing steps.

With its soft cottony feel, light background and cheerful rainbow colors, this version of Valere is perfect for summer, so I'm eager to finish it and get it into the active rotation.

Looking for the pattern? It's been released, and you can click here to buy it now!

Want to learn more about this design? Click here to see the pattern release post.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished project

    1. Right there with you! Hopefully it will be fully finished and blocked sometime next week, but knitting time has been so scarce, I'm not holding my breath :)


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