May 31, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole Again

As you well know, I work from stash when possible, but am equally happy to invest in needed yarn, especially if it leverages skeins on hand. For the most part, this is a calm, rational and well-reasoned strategy, but every now and then it implodes like a poorly wound ball of yarn.

Here's the most recent example. Several years ago, I purchased four skeins of Champagne (Grignasco), a luscious sport weight merino-silk yarn, to make a shawl for my lovely Aunt K. The teal shade was pretty, but in the end I used a different yarn in a cornflower blue that better suited her coloring and tastes.

Thinking the Champagne would make a scrumptious sweater, I acquired four more skeins. Since I couldn't match the teal, I chose lake for a subtle tone-on-tone effect (left: lake, right: teal).

Time has passed, a new plan is afoot and  yep, you guessed it  to make that plan work I need a third color. Experimenting with different yarns from stash, I thought this combination held possibilities:

Colorwise, the blue Zaffiro (Madil Yarns) in the middle works, but the cotton-rayon-silk blend isn't nearly as soft and springy as Champagne. In many cases that wouldn't matter, but this difference might become an issue for the project I have in mind.

So for better or worse, I've been scouring Ravelry and the interwebs for more Champagne. In a perfect world, it would be in the blue-green color family, but contrasting or neutral shades are viable contenders, too.

What started as four skeins quickly grew to eight, and it's likely the existing eight will soon be joined by more. I can't speak for you, but I've certainly been here before, yet apparently I'm poised on the brink and ready to jump down the rabbit hole again.

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  1. Been there, done that ... more times than I care to admit! Looking forward to seeing how this yarn tale turns out :)


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