Jun 4, 2017

What the Rabbit Hole Revealed

My search for yarn to supplement the soft and lovely teal and lake Grignasco Champagne had me poised to leap down the rabbit hole, and leap I did. Here's what the rabbit hole revealed.

First, I found this lovely turquoise Tajmahal, which in terms of color and fiber blends nicely with the teal and lake Champagne.

Then, I managed to track down several skeins of Champagne in two understated neutrals. Cloud (left) is a pale blue-grey, while stainless steel (right) is a warmer grey with wheaty undertones.

Both work well with the lake and teal, but cloud with its subtle blue notes is the better option.

Both also work beautifully with the turquoise Tajmahal. (This photo shows the cloud and stainless steel colors most accurately.)

At first, stainless steel seemed a bit ho-hum and I was uncertain what to do with it, but I quickly discovered a silver lining. It's the perfect complement to these neutral shades of Tajmahal, which have lived in the stash way too long.

So there you have it. The stash has grown by a hearty handful of skeins, but since everything still fits comfortably into the stash cupboards, that's okay. 

This mix of old and new yarns offers so many possibilities, I'm eager to begin testing color and stitch combinations for a stream of shawls, stoles, scarves, wraps, mitts, cowls, sweaters, vests and more. 

But with several afghans and small projects on the needles, my logical side keeps whispering, finish a few WIPs firstSeduced by the tantalizing prospect of fresh yarn fumes, my knitterly side whispers back, resistance is futile.

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