Jun 7, 2017

The Yarn Always Wins

Remember when we looked at different color lineups, so you could help me choose an ombre or gradient for a new afghan? I was experimenting with various combinations designed to use up leftovers, partials and orphan skeins, and asked for your input.

Here's a quick update. Based on your feedback to date, the green gradient is your top pick ...

while this cool combo is running a very close second.

With your sound counsel in hand and a fresh design concept in mind, I was ready to cast on.

Unfortunately, I immediately ran into a hitch. Several greens in the winning combos above wormed their way into the summer rainbow afghan, which means the mint is nearly gone, and the jade and teal shades are severely depleted.

I can't speak for you, but sometimes my need to cast on outweighs every other consideration. Because it was a grey, rainy day, this warm, cheery combination seemed the ideal way to counter the gloom.
In a relatively short period of time, I'd made just enough progress to begin easing my need to get this project on the needles. Since then more progress has occurred, but that's a topic for another day. 

Meanwhile, I'm dealing with the classic knitter's dilemma: On the upside, I'm accomplishing my goal to put leftovers and partials to good use. On the downside, as colors dwindle or disappear, so do my options.

For a very brief moment, I thought about standing firm and trying to find a way to work with just the colors that remain. In the end, the yarn always wins, so I'm off to search for more Cotton Fleece in shades of mint, jade and teal (or something close), and yes, start the whole cycle all over again.

To see all the options and cast a vote for your favorite, visit Ombres & Gradients: Which Would You Choose? and share your picks in the comments.

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