Jun 21, 2017

Blame It on the Champagne

Like many of you, I have more things on my to-do list than any reasonable person could hope to accomplish in a month of Sundays. Nonetheless, this hasn't stopped me from adding another task to the roster. Here's what happened.

As you well know, I have for years worked diligently to ensure my entire stash fits into its designated cupboards in a reasonably organized fashion.

The problem? Inside the cupboards, yarn is stored in assorted non-matching bins acquired over time. Many are a tad too long to fit comfortably, so they sit lengthwise on the shelves, eating up valuable real estate. Others fit okay, but they don't stack securely and teeter precariously. Add in the wear and tear some are showing after years and years of use, and a litany of minor annoyances has grown into a true aggravation. 

Ordering a handful of Grignasco skeins to supplement those in stash simply magnified the problem. Lush and lovely in subtle shades of steel and cloud, this yarn became the tipping point. 

Because I prefer to keep like yarns with like, I had to empty, rearrange and repack several bins, just so the Grignasco skeins could share a common container.

Naturally, this flurry of activity caused one of the older bins to give up the ghost and crack at the corner, prompting yet another spate of rearranging and repacking. (Cracked containers have a nasty way of snagging yarn. Ask me how I know.) Technically, everything still fits in the cupboards, but now, bins once comfortably full are close to overflowing and more are teetering precariously than ever before.

I'm now on a mission to find clear containers that fit neatly on the shelves and stack securelyI could be knitting, swatching, finalizing a pattern odesigning something new. I could be cleaning my home or weeding the garden. 

Instead, I've been totally preoccupied, scouring the interwebs for affordable storage solutions that won't break the bank.

So yes, indeed, I blame it on the Champagne.

PS: How do you store your yarn? Feel free to share what works (and doesn't work) for you.


  1. My storage situation sounds similar to yours. Hmmm, maybe it's time to think about an upgrade :)

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one wrestling with these issues!

  2. Yep, this sounds a little too familiar. My bins of yarn (some of which match!) are all stacked precariously in a corner of my bedroom, next to my dresser. One doesn't close, (too much yarn in there) and the lid is just balanced on top! Another is starting to have cracks in the lid.

    If the internets do avail you of an awesome storage solution, I'd love to know what you find!

    1. Sounds like many of us are dealing with similar challenges. If I do find something that works well, I'll be sure to share :)

  3. I Love my yarn but when I think of how it's stashed I only get upset. Sigh.


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