Jul 2, 2017

Afghans Anytime Anywhere

People often ask, How on earth can you make afghans in the middle of summer?

It's a logical question and the answer is simple: Modular construction.

Herlacyn Heatwave

Modular construction keeps projects compact and portable. When time is short, it allows me to work a few quick rows because rows are short, too. And, it makes it possible to knit afghans anytime and anywhere without the weight of a full blanket in my lap (or dangling from my wrists).

Yarn choice makes a difference, obviously. As you know, I'm a big fan of Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep). It contains a touch of wool (20%) but has a soft cottony feel, so it's an especially good option for summertime knitting. As an added plus, that little bit of wool helps my stitches stay even and adds the spring cotton needs to keep from stretching out of shape during use. Win-win.

Four Seasons, another cotton-wool blend, was one of my favorites, but sadly it's been discontinued and I'm still searching for a comparable substitute. Very similar to Cotton Fleece, it has a higher wool ratio (30% wool, 70% cotton), but retains a cottony look and feel.

Breidan Berry

Wool-silk and wool-bamboo blends are also good choices. A couple summers ago, I spent a very hot and sweltering July knitting this wool-silk version of Flashpoint, but thanks to modular construction, it was no problem whatsoever.

There are several small and light weight projects on the needles and drawing board, but contrary to logic, much like last spring and summer many others feature wool. Luckily, the wools I'm working with are merino, so they're light and lofty, not fuzzy and hot. I'm still swatching for an afghan-to-be, but in an ideal world, it will be on the needles before the month is out.

It's hot, humid and the height of summer, so I'm sure it sounds crazy, but yep, I'm still happily knitting afghans.

If you're in the US, I wish you a fun, fiber-filled and very happy Independence Day. And happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north.


  1. It's hot here as well, but I, too, am still making afghans :)

    1. Nice to know I'm not the only one with an addiction to working afghans year round!


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