Jul 6, 2014

Spotlight | Cotton Fleece Yarn

It’s no secret.

I’m a big fan of Cotton Fleece. The blend of cotton (80%) and wool (20%) in light worsted weight is well-suited to a variety of projects. It produces an adaptable, mid-weight fabric that's comfortable to knit, wear or use year round. It holds up well, doesn’t shed and doesn't pill, and the wool helps finished items retain their shape.

This yarn offers a wonderful assortment of colors and combines the best qualities of cotton with just enough wool to add the touch of springiness and memory I want and definitely need. Through the years, it's found its way into many projects.

Let’s do a whirlwind tour.


Color Check
Featured by Brown Sheep on Facebook (Aug 31, 2015)

Dishcloths & Coasters


Moore Colors
At one time, I had more Cotton Fleece in my stash than any other single type of yarn.

Those days are long past, and in fact, the supply has dwindled to the point where there’s just enough to make one more lap-sized afghan in rich coffee colors. (Update: Twegen Coffee has since been completed and the pattern has been released.)

After that, the odds and ends will undoubtedly find their way into more coasters, dish cloths and small whimsical knits. Then the Cotton Fleece will be gone.

On one hand, I'm pleased as punch at the prospect. After all, the goal of stash knitting is to actually deplete the stash, right?

On the other hand, the thought of a yarn cupboard devoid of this versatile yarn is rather unsettling. That may explain why I have such an overwhelming urge to order a skein in every color and start the whole cycle all over again.

Patterns for many of these projects are now available: Click here.

PS: For those who are wondering: I have no affiliation with Brown Sheep, the company that makes Cotton Fleece. I just happen to love this yarn.


  1. I love that swafghan... it reminds me of stained glass. I have not heard of cotton fleece before, gonna go look some up right now x

  2. Your roundup has given me some ideas. Am off to rummage through the stash and start putting my Cotton Fleece to use.

  3. Beautiful! At first I didn't notice the years and thought, goodness that is a lot of knitting! And I tend to knit with the same yarn all the time as well, once you find something that works, it is easy to continue to go back to :-)

  4. I may have to order some Cotton Fleece myself after your glowing recommendation. I have bookmarked the company's site. I love all of your gorgeous projects. It is definitely time to replenish your stash.


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