Jul 24, 2016

Pattern | Graefen Cloth & Towel Set

Graefen is a fast and easy pattern for a set of reversible cloths and towels. Ideal for kitchen or bath, they're the perfect way to extend a warm, knitterly welcome to visitors, thank a friend or brighten someone's day.

The name, an Old English word for flutes, furrows and ridges, echoes the pleasing texture that appears on both sides. The fluted ridge stitch is fully reversible, easy to execute, and equally easy to memorize. It also delivers on every front, creating charming results in one color, tonal effects in closely related hues, and stripes in high-contrast shades. 

This versatile design can be tailored to suit every taste. Try organic neutrals for a spa feel, nautical navy and gray for your favorite fella, saturated shades for a cheerful splash of color, or tone-on-tone combinations for an ombre effect. 

Several factors add to the appeal. Briefly, the:

  • Slip stitch is easy to execute and produces a reversible fabric with the same texture on both sides.
  • Colorwork is a cinch. Only one color is worked on a row, so you can create solid and striped versions with equal ease.
  • Pieces are compact, so they're ideal for knitting on the go. 
  • Pattern is simple enough for any moderately experienced beginner. Concise but complete, it includes schematics plus directions, yardage and dimensions for five sizes.
  • Quick Reference guide makes yardage calculations easy, and useful tips and tricks support knitters of all skill levels.
  • Yarn choice is yours. The set shown is worked in DK weight, but the design adapts to everything from fingering to bulky weight, lends itself to multi-stranding, and accommodates virtually any fiber you might choose. 
  • Design is highly adaptable and completely unisex for unlimited potential. Go bright and vivid, choose muted colors, adopt a tone-on-tone strategy, mix solid and variegated yarns, or use your favorite handspun.
Skill Level 1:  Very Easy
Yarn: DK
Shown: Brilla (Filatura Di Crosa), Imagine (Classic Elite), Mystik (GGH)
Needles: US 6 (4 mm)
Cloth Sizes: SML

Towel Sizes: SML
Yardage (approx.): 45 to 220 yards

The pattern includes cloths and towels in three sizes each with directions for solid, striped and narrow border versions. Written for DK weight yarn, the pattern accommodates any weight from lace to bulky and lends itself to multi-stranding.

The pattern also includes a helpful Quick Reference guide with detailed yardage breakouts, tips and tricks, and quick modification ideas. The towels, for instance, work equally well as placemats and serving mats for your table or buffet.

Find fresh fiber at your favorite yarn store, or select something suitable from stash. Either way, Graefen is a fast, fun way to turn almost any yarn into something pretty and productive. 

Whether you're ready to cast on today or planning ahead, you can buy the Graefen pattern and view the Ravelry description here. (Remember, you don't have to be a Ravelry member to buy patterns.)

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  1. very very pretty! I think everyone could use a kitchen towel, might make a great gift!


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