Sep 6, 2016

Simple Works

Does it seem life is growing exponentially more complicated with each passing year?

From family and friends to readers and colleagues, everyone seems to agree: Modern life has become so fast paced and convoluted, it's often overwhelming.

As outside forces grow more complex, I've learned (the hard way) how important it is to streamline, pare down and simplify other aspects of life.

There are limits, of course, to how much simplification specific activities will tolerate. Knitting serves as one of the few exceptions, because it's controllable, flexible and scalable.

In other words, the more demanding life becomes, the greater my need for simple knits. I relish their soothing therapeutic effects, value the opportunity to make something tangible and useful, and welcome the respite they offer from a world that's spinning too fast.

For me, the best projects are also compact and portable, which means I can carry a maintenance dose wherever I go. 

My fondness for fast, easy and compact projects is no secret. From an execution perspective, they hit all my hot buttons. From a stashbusting perspective, they offer unlimited potential. And from a design perspective, they're infinitely interesting and adaptable.

Because I can't change the course of world and life events, I'm focusing on factors within my span of control.

I'm resisting the urge to cast on all the things. I'm developing another Might Could list in an effort to introduce some semblance of order. And I'm working hard to remember in life and knitting, simple works best for me.

When life gets crazy, what type of projects appeal to you?

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  1. If life is really crazy then I need something nice and simple like a sock that I can knit with my fingers while my brain has a rest - I knit quite a lot of socks!!

    1. Makes total sense! I've avoided socks because I already have so many knitting addictions, I'm afraid to add another ;)

  2. When life is crazy I've taken to knitting or crocheting baby blankets. I love the simplicity (or complexity) of the patterns and how quickly they work up. It gives me the warm fuzzies when I've finished a baby blanket and can imagine a wee one snuggled up in it. :)

    1. Blankets are one of my go-to escapes for precisely the same reasons, and you're right: Nothing is more motivating than picturing a sweet baby wrapped in your handcrafted creation.

  3. I like your projects--the raspberry first photo and the teal bottom photo in particular. You are correct of course, the more complex our lives become, focusing on things that slow us down *and* are within our control is so important

    1. You're right, slowing down is important.

      And thanks for the feedback: The raspberry strip turned into Twegen Berry and the teal piece was a test swatch for the Dojeling shawl.


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