Sep 4, 2016

I Heart Red, White & Blue

In the US, Labor Day signals the end of summer and transition into fall.
In the old days, it was also the last weekend of summertime freedom before the school year started, but today that's changed with many districts opting to return in mid-August instead.

Locally, Labor Day is a truly big deal with parades, craft and art festivals, fireworks, music concerts, and more. As much fun as these events can be, my schedule's a bit crazy right now, so I'm choosing to celebrate in a different way.

Yep, I've cast on yet another red, white and blue heart.

It's fast, easy and undemanding, so it's the ideal pick-up-lay-down project for a busy holiday weekend and when it's finished it will join its red, white and blue siblings.

    Whether you're celebrating Labor Day or not, I hope you're having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, accompanied by the pleasure of knitting something you love. Meanwhile if you, too, are in the mood for something red, white and blue, you might enjoy these posts:

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