Jan 25, 2017

If I Only Had Time

After six years of consistent blogging, it's sometimes a bit daunting to realize how much you know about me.

You know I'm fascinated by fiber and crazy about color. You know I'm an avid maker of afghans, mitts, shawls, wraps, and the occasional home dec or novelty project. You know I diligently knit from stash but regularly invest in new yarn for specific projects.

You know I'm a slow knitter who gets twitchy when there are too many projects in progress at one time.

Which brings me to my point. Tikkyn Flagstone is finished, but with multiple projects already on the needles, I'm battling the urge to cast on something new.

That doesn't mean a knitter can't dream, right? Here are just a few projects I'd tackle, if I only had the time:

Angletyn in vibrant, narrow stripes ...

or subtle shades of grey.

Lucben in sunny shades of yellow and gold  ...

or rich, royal purple blending from light to dark.

Tikkyn  in bold, saturated colors ...

or shifting tones of sand, taupe and grey.

With luck at least one of these will eventually find its way onto the needles, but for now I'm striving to stay focused and finish work in progress, so I'm not holding my breath.

What would you make, if you only had the time?


  1. So if you do cast on, my vote would be for the purple Lucben. :)

    I'd just love to have the time to actually prototype all the design ideas I have in my head. :)

    1. Great choice, that's one of my favorites too.

  2. I have a skein of deep purple Legacy Lace waiting to become a Shawl of the Moirae, but it has to wait until I've made some more hats!

    1. Sounds lovely, hope you find the time to cast on soon!


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