Aug 28, 2016

WIP | Lucben Rose

Lucben is one of those unexpected projects that seems to pop up from nowhere and come together with relative speed. So while we've been chatting about other things, I've been quietly working on this afghan in the background, and it grew so quickly, there are very few photos.

In a matter of weeks, it went from this:

To this:

To this.

Afghan | Lucben Rose
Yarn: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep)
Needles: US 8 (5 mm)
Yardage: 450 yards (approx)
Size: XS Square (car seat/stroller)

For this version, I opted for a range of rosy partial skeins and leftovers lurking in the stash. I chose five shades, then scaled the block size and arrangement to make the most of yarn on hand. From light to deep, the colors are:
  • Victorian Pink
  • Tea Rose
  • Provincial Rose
  • Cherry Moon
  • Berry
This created a modified gradient or ombre effect, and the end result is the perfect size for a car seat blanket, stroller blanket, toddler tagalong (or dragalong!), table topper, or floor pillow cover.

As simple as this design is, I don't have the patience to seam a stack of blocks, so I adopted a strip strategy. With the strips assembled, it's almost finished. I'm tackling the edging and trim, but this worked up so quickly, I'm tempted to cast on another. The holdup? Bulky weight offers the tantalizing prospect of even speedier results, but many lovely mid-weight yarns are vying for attention. 

I'll mull that over while I finish the trim and edging, along with the projects rudely set aside when Lucben leapt onto the needles. For the most part they've waited patiently, but a few have been making what can only be described as the yarny equivalent of a soft, pathetic whine, which is a very annoying sound indeed.

The Lucben pattern has been released:


  1. Stunning colors! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Regarding yarn whining for attention, mine sometimes does the same thing. You're right, it's a very annoying sound :)

    1. LOL! So glad to know I'm not the only one who hears that high pitched noise :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Paula. Since the color choices were driven by what was in stash, it helps to hear that.

  4. What a pretty blanket, Barb. As I sit here trying to motivate myself to drive to the next town to use my 20% off total purchase coupon buying more yarn, I see this post and suddenly I'm motivated to stay home and shop my stash. No coupons, but it's much less expensive. I'm a bit allergic to all the joining, but I love all your modular blankets. It seems every time I come in here your posts motivate me to look at my yarn stash differently.

    1. So true, stash shopping is much less expensive, plus there's that lovely zing that comes from finding a way to put the stash to good use.

      I'm allergic to joining, too, so this "block" blanket was actually worked in strips. (This version has 9 blocks/3 strips and only 2 seams ;)

    2. Oh wow! That's very cool, Barb. What a clever design! I wish I could say I saved my money and shopped my stash, but I was called out after all. And well... since I was already out (and in the vicinity of where yarn is bought I, aaah, well... I had to use those coupons). But now that my stash is fed I should be good for a while now. ;^)

    3. Sounds like great fun. And remember, like babies and puppies, a well-fed stash is a happy stash :)


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